We had a great time at the Bowood House Charity Dog Show and Summer Fair last weekend.

Emmy met lots of new faces, many of the canine variety who seemed to enjoy our collages (or maybe it was the cool of the tent!)

b2ap3_thumbnail_dalmation.jpg                b2ap3_thumbnail_dog-big.jpg

b2ap3_thumbnail_bowood-therese-the-camel.jpgShe also caught sight of Lady Chichester’s Bactrian camel - Therese.  Raised in Hampshire this Mongolian camel was seen striding out with her new beau - Temujin a nine year old Russian camel who wooed and won Therese’s heart.



b2ap3_thumbnail_coll.jpgHere is just a little collage of some of the four footed friends we made!







We are off to Blenheim Palace Flower Show  this weekend - a three day flower and garden show from 21st to 23rd June - see you there.