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Terms of Business

Terms of business

  1. The Collage Company (The Company) can take no responsibility for any photographic images delivered to it by the Client whether these are in digital or hard copy format.
  2. The Company will retain all electronic images for 6 months after which time they will be destroyed.
  3. The Company will retain all final collages for 3 years after which time they will be destroyed
  4. The company will endeavour to return hard copy images provided for scanning purposes to the Client, however cannot take any responsibility for images which may be lost or damaged in transit.
  5. The Company retains the right to use all collages for promotional purposes. Should The Client have any concerns about this, they should make these known to The Company.
  6. The Company retains full editorial control over the creation and production of collages.
  7. The Company will make no refunds under any circumstances. Images and frames that are damaged in transit will be repaired at The Company’s expense, provided The Company is notified in writing, and evidence of the damage is provided.
  8. The Company has no control over the quality of the images provided, and therefore cannot guarantee the quality of the finished article.
  9. The Company will not commence any assignment until payment has been received in full.

September 2012.

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